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About Us

We began Vengeance Woodworks Co. as a modest group of US Army soldiers stationed in Hawaii. It was there that we discovered we had more in common than just a deep love for our country. We also found a shared appreciation for woodwork. There’s nothing quite like designing, carving and assembling a beautiful piece of woodwork. It was in this connected space that we started to plan our business. We believed that if we could create something Americans were proud of, it just might bring us all closer together.

Today, we’re proud of what we’ve built and inspired by those who want to spread our message and become part of the community. Vengeance Woodworks Co. is more than just a business; it’s an opportunity to unite as one country that honors those who have served. That’s why a percentage of each flag purchase goes to support 22KILL, a NPO that helps to combat veteran and active duty suicide.

Thank you for stopping by and contributing to a movement that we truly believe will bring our country’s spirit back again.

Vengeance Wood Works